What happens when you get an error message?

From time to time, the translation files that PRISM uses get corrupted through incomplete downloads or maybe get blocked by your antivirus. At any rate, these files are SAFE and need to be replaced for PRISM to display properly.

Here is an example of such a message:

This is a simple error and can be resolved quickly. Here are the instructions:

  1. Head over to this URL : http://www.prism-astro.com/beta/EN/64b/

  2. Download the file a convenient location

  3. Unzip it

  4. Copy the content

  5. Head over to this folder: C:\Program Files\Prism_v10

  6. Paste the contents in the folder

  7. Start PRISM.

  8. Problem solved

Any further questions, please let me know

Thank you very much! Had this problem already for a long time!

UPDATE: Now i got an error when i wanted to start Prism V10 (32Bit) version. Said: 64BitDLL file missing.
Installing again prism software removes this error.

Thanks. That’s strange though. Next time, would you mind posting a screenshot of this error ?

I will do!