What happened to the Hyperion-astronomy website? Its Gone

Had to rebuild my telescope laptop. Went to Hyperion-astronomy.com website to download the latest version of Prism and it’s gone. Nada. Nothing. There is a banner that the account has been suspended. Did Hyperion just go out of business overnight or are they just doing a bad job of porting to a new website?

The only thing that is wrong with the website is that our provider decided to make some intrusive updates overnight and the fake suspension is a direct result of that.

I have contacted them and it is removed. The site will be up and running momentarily.

We deal with these issue as they unfold before us, it is our or out control.

Thanks for the update. I had an older version of Prism and just installed that and then it did an update. Was starting to panic a little thinking you went out of business…Thank goodness that is not the case. Don’t you just love ISP/Hosting companies? NOT.

website is back online.

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Just saw that. Thanks.

Well, you still have a problem. I tried to log in and your site is rejecting my login. I was thinking ok, perhaps I need to reset my password. That does not work because your site now no longer recognizes my email as a valid user. I know my email is correct as I purchased Prism back on Nov 27, 2020.

That question is outside the scope of this forum and we will be taken offline. I’ll reach out in a PM.