VPN Interferance with License Setups

Hi… I now understand what happen to me multiple times over two licenses I did purchase… The question is how do I get back to ground zero for both? After being hacked, I setup a VPN (NordVPN) for protection which I was force into… I now realize that your license setup uses the computer IP as a part of what it does, and what VPN does to aid in its security… We have a COLLISION HERE! If VPN is on, ones computer IP is posted with another IP, and then when the License sets up with this wrong IP, and when one turn on and off one of my computers using PRISM, if that IP changes at some point, which it will do often, the Prism license get parked in a position one can not recover from and uses up those three recoverable tried… Now this is what happen to me before I understood fully what was/is going on when running PRISM. I have contacted NordVPN software folks and they agree… I consider this a bug in Hyperion Astronomy Software… It is a procedure PROBLEM! I tried a great many times to get a solution and now I am concern that I won’t get it fixed… I am not upset, I just what to get back to ground zero for both of my Advance and Pro copies… “I like your software!” I want to use it in my private Observatory a lot… Also the Web site is setup with my ID, and it seems to be holding at present with my ID STUFF… Specific codes have been sent to you via EMAIL… “I Can’t do that here…” Right! “HELP!”

I’ll let the property folks help out, but I doubt that Prism is looking at “IP address” for licenses. IP’s change all the time, from home DHCP to VPN services to Proxy’s you name it.

Plenty of us use Prism from laptops remotely and offline as well (after registering).

Sorry you got hacked, did you completely reinstall your OS to make sure they did not leave any extra “back doors” behind?

Thank you for your interest… This issue only happens when registering the license with PRISM if VPN is “active”… “This action sends a false IP!” It appears to be OK with the VPN concept for a while after registering with the VPN “ON” during registering time, then next VPN back flick on and off and on, then this triggers a license failure, and this “twitch” then eats up TOKENS on re-installing the software each time it happens, until you are “dead” as far as this license is concerned… It happen “best” (Negatively) in Win 10, (I don’t like Win 10) and does not appear to happen in Win 7. Curious! I have two license to compare concerning PRISM! Then, Especially, after a January 2021 Window 10 upgrade run this trouble got AMPLIFIED… Now… This forum point out others who have walked down the “Gang-plank” if you do a quick scan and think a bit… The rule I follow going forward is… “ALL VPN’S MUST BE OFF” (Absolutely) when doing transactions requiring Licensing handshakes with PRISM, and with any other kind of software “going forward” that uses IP with a registering action piece… One can not undo this NASTY because IP change and one does not keep track of changes… Because of this, I am now watchful for other pieces of software with the same “hick-up”! And, I have an email from Hamza confirming this now with PRISM after asking a lot of question when was paying attention… I have also spoken to NordVPN (Mine software VPN) and they confirmed this practice is often used in Licenses. “Just BAD!” I have ask them to add a warning to their software too. Then Hamza promised me to help me and then disappeared via an Email link I thought was going to get me fixed up nicely… “I GOT NOTHING!” “Just RUDE!” Not hearing I investigated everything! I fear this “Pandemic” has harmed his North American Regional Sales business OFFICE to promote Prism Software that is made in Europe… Hamza’s business is to promote this software… This other company which I am now going to reach out to, wrote it… NEXT: On the Hacking “awakening” I went through… Many will tell you to just reformat ones computer… “Very damaging!” Use Bitdefender’s System repair route to remove this harm is less painful… There is a quickie button and system solution button… Use only the “SYSTEM” solution… On my big computer it took four days “It runs at 4.5GHz” for it to be effective… Yep! “A long haul!” But in the end it was worth it… I found everything those bad guys did, (Professional Hit!), (Icontacted IC3 unit of the FBI), and once I did all of that, no more troubles, but the FBI was useless… These bad types got into several computer here too! “Nasty!” Now, “Bit-Defender is GREAT!” Now one last thing… It’s all about having bad timing (Being Unlucky), and holding the line to get things fixed, or being force to blown up things when a solution can not be found! MicTechS

Hi… I now have my Pro Version of PRISM working… What I did was email all the way to France, and then was able to linked up via a E-Mail conversation with the ALCOR SYSTEM Company there, and then the right people who created PRISM got involved… Over a two day period we communicated over my observations and one of theirs… Here is that pathway to communicate…

sales@alcor-system.com (This link is also to be found in the Prism Help File…)

Being locked out of my Prism software was solved by a ALCOR “investigator” giving me a forth token within the software as a temporary fix… With that, I was able to re-establish PRISM into working normally… No more DEMO MODE! Why the serial number change on its own is still a mystery!
If you read my previous writings, you will see what I thought was wrong, and this idea is still in the consideration pile of things under review… The question answering exactly what it is “really”, is still wide open question… But ALCOR SYSTEM is fully on-board to what I experience and where very helpful… They will figure this out! Others should not give up on PRISM if this happen to you… If Hamza can’t help for whatever reason, Email to FRANCE!! THANKS MicTechS

Hi One more point I did not say earlier… ALCOR Investigator has requested “that if I do” a BIOS upgrade on my ENVY Hp Notebook computer in the future, the ALCOR Investigator strongly requests that I first un-registor Prism on that computer (“Gain a TOKEN back!”) first before doing the BIOS upgrade… This I will do going forward… But with all the Hackers out there, I am seeing (Hp) doing a lot more BIOS upgrades then what I would say is, “how things have been done in the past”… Normally this is rarely done by a computer user… Hp is doing automatically with flash message on the screen! Our conversation is now stopped because the ENVY computer with PRISM is running again… If anyone see this, please report this to ALCOR FRANCE… Thanks MicTechS