Telescope Connction Error

First attempt at connecting a CGEM mount resulted in error messages. I switched over to APT and the mount connected with no problem.

I have a CGXL mount and my laptop has two USB ports. It will not connect on one of them I must always use the certain one. Might try a different port.

Celestron Unified (6.1.7350, Feb 2020) Telescope & Focuser

Also, do you have the latest ASCOM Celestron driver installed? :telescope:

I did not, and that solved the issue. Thanks!

I’ve experienced the port issue before and finally went to a multi port usb hub with one connection to the laptop.

Working now. Just needed to update Celestron drivers.

I’m curious, are you able to connect the mount through the hub or must it go directly to the computer? Mine has to go direct. I connect the hub with my other equipment through the other port.

I’m going to the hub, and then one connection to the computer.

Slight offtopic: Always connect equipment to one USB port specific. If you use USB port A for mount and B for ccd, always work in this way. Keeps you out of trouble… :slight_smile: