Target object centering----Closed loop slew

I have a Paramount ME and while I get every object in the FOV of my CCD they are just off a bit. In the skyx I can run a closed-loop slew and it centers the object in the middle of CCD. When I try to do it in Prism I have yet to be successful. In the automatic observation, under the telescope tab I have selected " perform plate solve on new field selected. While the object is on the ccd , Prism does not center it. Any thoughts?


I just saw this Jim. There is a function in PRISM that does that. After you perform a slew to an object from the skychart, you can use this function to center the object. Now one can admit it is does not have the best labeling, but this is something we can improve.

I will try it…thanks…I am a little confused how this will work with a paramount me . I am leverage a Tpoint model and am preventing syncing to perserve the tpoint model. Do you know if the word sync used in the image above is just refering to the image and not to telescope positioin?

Thanks for the response,

The automatic observation uses the same mechanism but with a solve and offset. I use an MEII and do inhibit synchs as well, PRISM centers the target dead center every time.
As I have mentioned, the function needed to be relabeled to something more conductive to an understanding of what it actually does. This is a work in progress.