Still awaiting license

I purchased the Advanced version 5 days ago now, but have yet to receive the license. Have also emailed the serial number, but still no reply. Could some kind soul please look into it for me. Much appreciated.

Any news? … Anyone?

hello this is Hamza. We ran into a small issue that we trying to resolve, sorry about the this unfortunate delay. We have set up a system that delivers keys automatically after a purchase, but hit a snag this time.
The good news is that, PRISM trial that is available for download is the exact one that is unlocked. In other words, the license key does not unlock any extra features per se.

Again, this does not excuse the delay, just thought I’d point it out.

Thank you for the update. I was beginning to get a bit concerned by the lack of communication. Any idea when this is likely to get resolved, or can perhaps the key be delivered manually?

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I will email you the key myself, this is a one off to be honest. One culprit in the load of sales on the 3part systems we use. I will let you know.

In the meantime, everything going well wit PRISM?

Thanks Hamza, that would be great.
Have the basics all working via the automation option, goes to object, plate solves, corrects position, images, parks and closes the roof. Am currently going through your YouTube videos, which I find extremely helpful. It would be nice, as others have said, if there were some help files/manuals on some of the extra ‘advance’ options, but then again, no point trying to run before walking!

Hi Hamza. Haven’t received anything from you yet. Can you give me an idea of time scale please. I think its fair to say people wouldn’t expect to wait over a week for a software product key after purchase.

probleme is solved and everything is back to normal. You should have received your key as promised