Sky Chart - Display Stars of X magnitude or brighter?

I’ve recently volunteered to help some kids learn about Astronomy. One of the requirements of the program is to have the kids pick out 5 “conspicuous” stars in the sky and chart them. I figured Prism’s sky chart would be perfect to make a chart and show the kids (hey it’s COVID world, so I have to do this on Zoom).

I haven’t’ been able to figure out how to get Prism to display for me only stars that are Magnatude 1 or brighter.

I tried the sorting options but those I think only apply to catalog objects (galaxy’s nebula, etc). For the Stars I tried going to the Stars tab and selecting just the BSC, but the display filter only goes down to Mag 6.

If you know a good trick to have it display only the brightest stars and Label them, that would be awesome! So far I’ve figured out labels for catalog objects, constelations and planetary bodies, but not stars.