Script setting ccd temperature

I started working with the scripting capabilities of Prism. I was writing a script to set the temperature for a ccd using the SETCCDTEMPERATURE_EX function. The documentation shows 2 parameters to be passed and yet when I run my script the debug statement states that 3 parameters are required. How do I get the right documentation in order to script the software?

I am going to need help from @Cavadore on this one, he will chime in quickly

Here it is :


CamNum : camera number from 0 to 7

NumCap : temperature sensor, amateur camera is zero most of the time

All script functions help are located here ->

Thanks for the information. I went to the site and really couldn’t find any documentation that references what you are suggesting above. I’ve submitted a login to be registered on the prime-astro site. Hopefully I can find something. Additionally, can you script opening and closing a dome shutter? I also couldn’t find refences to switches for scripting. I appreciate the support.