Save hardware settings?


sorry, if this had been asked before, I did not find info on this, neither here or in the old forum. Is there a way to save the hardware settings? That would be nice as I am switching between different setups.

Thanks a lot.

Hey Torsten

Yes there is and you have two options:

  1. Save value to the registry
  2. Save to a file

Thanks, Hamza. I tried those although the manual says to do this only when told by support. But anyway, what does the first entry do, how do you restore settings from registry?
Also, saving to file as well as loading from file forces you to start the program as admin :thinking: I do not work on my computer as admin, only when I need to do system related tasks, but certainly not when running standard software.
That might be a nice thing for the next update, just a simple configuration manager.


the first option saves the settings as Registry entries for later use, this is a manual process only.
As far as the admin portion, to my knowledge, it is only to load the settings. Understandably so, once one program starts as admin and others don’t things could become interesting

Thanks for clarifying a little bit, Hamza. Hopefully the next release handles this better.