Saturday hangout 10 July 2020

Greetings to all

Any preferred subjects for tonight’s hangouts?

The announcement thread is locked :slight_smile:

I just wanted to say I am going to try and make it tonight to the hang out session if I can. I’ve been a little busy (both of my parents are in the hospital). As to topics I know that we had someone on Facebook ask about dithering in Prism, they would like to see how it works, and what the meaning is behind some of the text, especially the Sequence vs Automated.

If I can make it I’d like to see if any of you guys have been able to get any images of the comet that’s lighting up all the forums :slight_smile: And if any one else has tried out Tycho Tracker in combination with Prism to hunt asteroids? Cheers all I hope I make it

When is the hangout and can you post the link? It’s been ages since I joined. Not sure what platform you guys are using.

I completely spaced out, it is tomorrow July 11. Sorry about that.

The link is:

Sorry at what time?

it will be at 930p EST on Saturdays

one subject I will touch on is scripting using a PGM language in PRISM. Pro tip: PRISM can run Python scripts now

I’m disappointed that I missed the hangout, but I’m super excited about being able to use Python with Prism. I have very limited experience with Python but I did write a script for testing out a website for my company. I’m going to have to spend some time working with this.

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I will be streaming on Twitch on Saturday nights since the attendance has dwindled so badly the last few weeks.

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