Question on Image Stretching in Prism

I have been trouble shooting a plate solve script> I have no equipment connected so I am using a file image. When the image loaded is looked pure black.Much to my surprise the script actually plate solved.
The original image was taken with Maxim and showed a ton of stars.(See attached) When loaded into Prism using Open FIle. the images showed the same stretch and Prism easy plate solved the image using Analyze\Plate Solve\ Single image.
Camera is an ASI 120MM.
Playing with the stretch I was eventually able to get a reasonable image with max set to 255
Is there a way to set the stretch for that camera to reflect 255 ADU max? My other two cameras are CCDs.

Al Stiewing

Hi Al, can you please send me the file in question? The display in PRISM is just a representation of the pixels in the image. The data is actually there.