Qhy 183c & qhy294c

Was giving an early Christmas gift of a QHY183c. I have not used it as yet (prob. next week) was reading on the French Prism forum that some users had issues with the ZWO ASI183c and the ASI 294c and Prism back in 2018. Not sure if these problems cross over to the QHY cameras. I was curious if anyone is using these particular cameras (QHY 183c , QHY 294c ) and if so have they encountered any problems. Thanks…

I have the QHY 183C and have several hundred subs on it with no issue using the current ASCOM driver

I don’t think you’ll have any issues at all. If not , there is great support behind prism to resolve issues :grin:

I have been running a QHY183m for a while now in Prism. The only issues I have had are more related to QHY and ASCOM than with Prism. If you are running Windows 10 with latest Prism , just make sure you are running latest version of ASCOM along with latest version of QHY all in one drivers. It took me a while to figure out I hadn’t updated ASCOM…

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all those are great points, thanks @mjcastronut

I also use QHY8PRO and QHY5IIL and both work amanzingly well with ascom driver in prism. Also QHY5IIL work nicely with CMOS streming frames… .just require a solid PC though.

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