Problems with the EOS200D

Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and have joined PRISM. I am currently working my way in.
My capture camera is a modified EOS200D. Unfortunately, I can’t do exposures over 30". I am supposed to turn on Bulb mode. But the camera does not have it. Also, the images have only 3088x2056 pixels although the camera has 6000x4000 pixels. In the control panel, the info area shows an outdated firmware version and an incorrect pixel size. What can I do to use this camera at all. I am looking forward to answers.

Hi all, I browsed the forum a bit more and actually found a user with a similar problem. The suggestion was to install a special DSLR - ASCOM driver. This seems to help me as well. Now only the sky must become clear for testing.

Just curious, did you get the DSLR ASCOM to work?

Yes, the driver works very well with insignificant limitations. In the “original driver”, if two Canons are connected, I can make a selection. However, this is unimportant for me.