Pro vs Advance and V11

Hi All,

I’ve just downloaded the demo version and am currently going through the options and YouTube videos. I’ve a couple of questions regarding purchasing the software, and also another on parking the scope.

Can anyone high light the main differences between the Pro and Advance versions please. I’ve read about the 8 cameras in the advanced version and found a *compare editions’ table on the net, but it didn’t give much detail, and I’ve not be able to find a PDF manual for the advance version to help.

There seems a lot of talk about V11 coming out. I don’t want to find that I purchase V10 only to find that V11 comes out a few weeks later. If this were to happen, does anyone know if there is a discounted or free upgrade if the next version appears soon?

And finally, I’ve got an AP900 mount, when prism sends the Park command, it goes to park the scope on the wrong side of the mount (east of the pier instead of west). It travels all the way to the east side, waits a few seconds, then the ascom driver appears to take over and sends it over to the west side and parks it correctly.

Thanks a lot