Prism 10 Support

Left several messages earlier regarding issues with using my canon T7i/800D with Prism and mostly I have heard nothing. While it is helpful to have comments from fellow users, the answers to my questions would most likely need to come from a developer or a representative, from whom have heard nothing. Not even a” got your message” “sorry can’t help” “not a high priority at this time”. I understand people have many and varying demands on their time, and I also understand I am one person, but if you produce a commercial product, a modicum of communication would be nice. I also understand that those of us who use DSLRs’ are a small sliver of Prism users and the time spent correcting DSLR issues likely violates cost/benefit ratios. But if you state as a selling point that Canon cameras are supported then some response should be forth coming. Don’t get me wrong I think Prism is great program however it is a complex program as is the hobby of Astrophotography and some direct support especially at the beginning stages is almost certainly necessary. Listen I don’t want this to be some kind of disgruntled rant. I really like the program and I want to use it. I found it a better choice than the other “in-one options” such as Theskyx imaging edition or AstroArt. However, a primary reason I chose Prism was the purported customer support statements found on Cloudy Nights, Stargazers Lounge and the Hyperion site. I don’t want this to sound discouraging to others, as they say “mileage may vary”. My experience is probably not indicative of those having issues with dedicated Astrophotography cameras. But I must in closing say I have thus far been disappointed.

my apologies I thought either myself or the developer have answered your question. The issue with hardware is that the SDK migh change from camera to camera and the manufacturer might not put all the information forth. Hence the software dev has to get his/her hands on the actual hardware for testing.

It is rather challenging to purchase all the cameras people use to test which is why some drivers might not be fully implemented.

I can offer to log in with you through team viewer to investigate further and I am very interested in seeing your succeed. When will be a good time this weekend ?

Please read my reply in the first post on this topic.