Outreach using Prism

Hi all, first just let me apologize for not looking like I’ve been around in a while. I assure you I lurk as often as possible, but my life is overflowing with other more pressing responsibilities right now.

I was able to do a little outreach yesterday, sorry I missed the weekly hangout yet again. I’ve started teaching Astronomy Merit Badge classes for the Boy Scouts. I have to admit I was not prepared for such good questions from these young folks (mostly early teens). Teaching over Zoom was great because I can share my screen and show off many different images and software programs, but Prism’s SkyChart was definitely a hit with the kids. They were amazed when I showed the “find objects around this point” feature.

I started showing them things like Comets, Exoplanet stars, and asteroids. It was great!

Next time I hope the weather around here cooperates so I can show them “live” sky instead!