On how many computers can I install?

Hi everybody,

I recently purchased Advanced version of Prism. I have two piers with two setups. Each pier has a dedicated mini PC, and I remotely connect to those pier-PCs’. Being “mini” PCs they are on the limit for the minimum requirements of Prism. So I plan to install Prism on 4 computers if it is possible.

For your info: I have a similar hardware setup with non-high performing industrial hardware. I removed all other programs and dedicate the two embedded PC for prism + norton utilities to ensure memory and performance optimization on a recurrent basis. With a NAS on the network I save prism files on remote disk to do not affect local disks. Currently all works smoothly fine with dual-core 2 GHZ with 2GB memory. For the rest of post-processing I use a networked workstation. Hope this help you.
Paolo F (L73 -Italy))

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Dear All,

You can install prism on 2 computers.But you can enable and disable license on computers so that you can install the software later on for instance on a new computer.

I copied a comment from Hamza :
"I understand your concerns so let me clarify. The 2 licenses are to satisfy the common requirement for a less powerful more efficient PC for capture in the field and a more power hungry one for processing.
De-activation of licenses: there is a built in tool that allows you to see how many license instances are active on the server but more importantly, allows you de-activate and register your keys at will.

We understand the need to move license for one reason or another and PCs are not impervious to breakdowns."