Observation list for spectroscopy reference stars

The spectroscopists amongst you may be using the MILES database as a source of reference stars for finding instrument responses.
I have created an observing list of the bright (mag <= 7) stars in this dbase with A or B spectra which are suitable candidates. By plotting them in a skymap with alt-az coordinate system (see image), you should be able to see a suitable candidate at the same altitude as your target.

The list also contains full spectral id (gleaned from Simbad) in the ‘comment’ field, which can prevent the pitfalls of choosing unsuitable outliers in the A/B grouping (stars with extreme luminance or spectral peculiarirties).

I couldnt see an easy way to attach the list, but I can supply to anyone interested by personal comm. I

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Excellent work Kevin, If you would just save the list from the “Object List” tool and upload it here. I will also pin it to the tutorial sections.

One more thing, there are built in auto-import functions here

here is the file @keving just sent , download

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As an update: You can use the option - ‘draw a line parallel to the horizon’ as an assist when selecting a reference star. Thus, if mid-exposure for your target is when it is at 65deg elevation, say, then set the line at this altitude and its easier to see candidates…


The download link to the Miles DB file is not working

I think Hamza created this link, so I’m not sure how to fix it…

In any case, I have nwo taken this a bit further by developing a Python-Excel combination tool to dynamically create relevant MILES stars in a Prism obs list based on position, date etc.
Perhaps, in the first instance, you might want to message me if you are interested.