New QHY5III462 Camera does not show as directshow camera

I have a new QHY5III462 CMOS camera that does not show up as a direct show camera. I know it is working fine as SharpCap and Firecapture both connect with no issues. Is there something special I need to do to make it show up?

are the directShow drivers installed and up to date by chance?

I just did a full reinstall of Prism. I assume the direct show drivers are installed when that is done unless it is a separate download and install I’m not aware of. Like I said the camera drivers are installed correctly as they work with Sharpcap and Firecapture.

A little update. I understand now. No there are not any DirectShow specific drivers from QHY on the new QHY5III462 camera. There is a Broadcast WDM driver. I found that this causes Prism to crash and burn so that’s not right. I believe I need to wait for QHY to supply a proper DirectShow driver or just not use the camera with Prism. I have a ZWO290 Mini which does supply a proper DirectShow driver and that seems to work ok. Thats good because that is what I have connected to my guide scope.