Networked images

I keep my images on a networked server as I access them from multiple computers and the storage it too large, >3TB, for my computers. If I go to load an images on my computer with a networked drive on this computer, the networked drive is not accessible from Prism. I have to move the images of interest to the computer with Prism.

How do I get Prism to open a networked drive?

thanks, Dick

I use something similar. I have a Buffalo Terrastation (NAS device) in my basement. The setup for this device lets me choose if I want to use Windows Networking, FTP, etc. In Windows 10 I mapped a local drive (in my case the Z drive) to my “Share” location on the local NAS. Prism uses the Windows file browser, so all I have to do is select the Z drive and navigate to the folder I want. You can map a drive in windows 10 pro and home. Open up file explorer and right-click on “This PC” in the left-hand section, click “Map a Network Drive” in the menu. In my case the network path to the NAS was \TS1400\Share Windows network drive pathing is \{server}{sharename}

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