Messier 77 and friend

Happy new year to all

I wish you a great new year full of great health and success.

We start this year by a great favorite, Messier 77.

Description from NASA:
Initially identified as a nebula by the French astronomer Pierre Méchain in 1780, M77 is one of the largest galaxies in the Messier catalog. It is located in the constellation Cetus at a distance of 45 million light-years from Earth. M77 has an apparent magnitude of 9.6 and can be seen using a small telescope. It is most easily observed during December.

Technical capture data:
Location: Deep Sky Chile
Telescope: 14.5" F/4.7 Newtonoan
Camera: SBIG STL11000
Mount: Nova120
Filters: Astrodon Gen-2 LRGBHa

Data is unguided
L: 300s X 83
R: 300s X 8
G: 300s X 8
B: 300a X 8

Download the LRGB stack here

Please remember that we are sharing our data from our observatories across the world so the community can share and learn together. We ask that you process the set and post your results here.