Imaging with 61 Megapixel camera – memory full


for imaging I use a ZWO ASI6800MM camera unbinned that created ~61 Megapixel large pictures. Sometimes (but fortunately quite seldom) I get into a memory full message and have to restart Prism.
By now I did not find the reason nor a way to reproduce the issue replicable.

Windows 10 Pro 64bit, Prism V10 newest version.

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I see. For the record, using the CPA format is 25% the size of a FIT file. This could solve your issue and it is under settings.

As a 1600mm-cool owner I’m jealous! Also, what drivers are you using. I saw in your other thread you use the 290 mini for guide cam. With 2 ZWO camera’s I ran into similar issues, the fix was to use the ASCOM driver for one camera and the ZWO native driver for the other camera.

Strange, prism 32 bits has a 3.2 GB memory limit (under 64 bits OS) … how many images are opened at the same time ?
It uses the LAA explained here:

Have you tried the 64 bits version ?