Image display Problems

The image viewer inside Prism doesn’t seem to show the details of faint nebula that are actually in the image, no matter how I stretch it. Seems to be very grainy. When I import the picture into another program. The image stretches much better with tons of nebulosity showing. Do I have some setting wrong? Very frustrating because I image from bortle 8 and I don’t want to image things I can’t see. Prism had made me give up on some targets because the preview doesn’t show the details properly.

First time I heard about this …
Please share screen copies or the image itself.

I think I know what you mean…
But I think there are several possible issues
(i) There could be a data incompatibility where you have set acquisition to be 16 bit integer rather than floating point (its an option somewhere I recall, and I erroneoulsy checked it at first)
(ii) I am not sure whether the 64 bit version of Prism renders better than the 32 bit version?
(iii) Prism will only ever display on screen to 8-bit precision. This means that an image with most of the signal in a small part of the range (stretched or otherwise) will not resolve well…

You can see even though it’s not the same size, much more detail in the basic Live Deep Sky Stacker program. Much smother image with way more details being shown. Exact same picture.

Could be the 8-bit screen rendering thing?

What is that? Can it be fixed?

that is unfortunate to hear actually, can you please share what the settings in this menu say? it is under settings > software settings

All displays hardware have 8 bits (0-255) gray color shades. Image are 0 to 65535 levels and there is a LUT (look Up table) to fit the display gray shades.
See here