Guiding in Automatic Observation

I switched to Prism because of all the great features. I’m particularly interested in Automatic Observation. For guiding with ZWO 120mini and the EQ8 I have chosen the following settings.

and ST-4 in the ASCOM setup

Is this a best practice, or would pulse guiding via ASCOM be better? What experience have you had. Thanks for your opinion.

if you have an ST4 cable between the guider and the mount then I think this will work

Yes, I have the cable. But I don’t like having another cable on the telescope. Are there equally good alternatives for my hardware setup?

you should be fine as is as long as flexure is not an issue in your system. In that case, consider an OAG. Other than that, start photon hunting :grin:

The system is very rigid. So no problem. I only ask because I was able to track in SGP with Pulse Guiding. In Prism too. But in the Automatic Observatory module I get the error message that there is no guiding camera connected. That’s why I switched to ST-4 Guiding.

Maybe I made a mistake somewhere in the setup…

make sure this option is ticked

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Hamza, that was the point. I could only use the ASCOM simulation, but that worked perfectly. Thank you very much for this tip. Great!!! :raising_hand_man:

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my pleasure