GS Server for EQ8-R with Prismv10/11

Hello Friends
If using EQ8-R, GS Server (available at ASCOM site) is better option
then EQMOD (it does not support auto homing right now),
as mount have additional home sensors. once setting normal setting
alike Lat/Long/Elevation/baud/com port. Just power on the mount and
use auto home alignment (mount dance on RA/Dec axis both side) few times
to calibrate mount home position.
GS server also have 3D virtual telescope visualization.
More tests are going on!..:slightly_smiling_face: GS Server works best with PRISMv10/11
Note: Mounts RA/Dec axis does not rotate 360 deg (have stopper inside)
to avoid any damage or messing of internal wiring to ports.

Note: If using EQdir cable (set baud= 9600), If using USB 2.0 (set baud=115200)