Error messages on ZWO EAF focuser and shut down issues

Hi Prism-forum!

I get theese error messages when connecting the focuser:

“Getting one encoder step as micron motion difference from focuser had failed”.
“Focuser system error: IsMoving Failure”

I have a new ZWO EAF autofocuser. Trying out wether it was a driver issue, I installed the latest driver from ZWO, with no different result. The latest Ascom is also installed. I think I have the correct hardware setup. When checking “Use focuser with encoder steps only” under software settings/telescope, the mm distances of couse are disabled, but it works, but only for a certain amount of time…and then the error messages reappear. After a while I am unable to control the focuser in Prism. I can shut it down, and reconnect, and it will function again for a little while, and halt again eventually. One time Prism just did shut down completely while this was happening, and I had to restart Prism from scratch…think what would happen if imaging!!

(I have tried to lower the multitasking priority one step down, towards “none” in the “software settings/computations”, maybe that could help the freezing/shutdown issue, that I also have experienced in other curcumstances using Prism. I am using the latest Eagle 3 from Prima Luce remotely, with not so much computing power/memory in the “little” Eagle…maybe that’s the issue?

Could someone give a clue on what this is all about.

Also, I did have a Prism session that I could not close ordinarily. A peculiar french message said something about a cursorfunction that needed to be changed or something like that, preventing checking the “Do you want to exit Prism”. However it was impossible for me to understand what to do, so I just shut down the computer, wich helped off course.

Has somebody else experienced this?

Kind regards,

I did not even see this post, very sorry… @Hamza might have more knowledge here for us.

I also get the “Getting one encoder step as micron” message but I have a Moonlight focuser. However, as far as I can tell the error isn’t impacting anything, Prism is able to use my focuser and move it as required.

Hamza did have a look one evening via remote control. The error message seemed to appear when trying to configure the hardware while this is connected to the programme. You have to configure while disconnected.
And yes, the focuser does function as it should otherwise…