Crash on applying dark frame to guiding camera


I recently moved to Prism V10 and now try to get my (non-automatic) imaging workflow done.

For my guiding camera, a ZWO ASI290 Mini with rolling shutter, I take some BIAS and dark frames in advance. Then, when preparing the camera for guiding I want to apply the dark frame. When clicking the button to load the dark frame, PRISM seems to crash. It is simply gone and has to be started anew.

Is there some channel for bug reports?

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Hello TJ and welcome to the family

Is there a way to get some screenshots or a video showing what happens ?

Hi TJ, just wanted to chime in that I have the same guide cam as you do. I have a prepared dark master that I use with it and have not had any issues. Are you using a prism CPA file for the dark or a FITS? You might run into an issue if you generated that master dark from a different program (I am not sure if that’s an issue but I know that I have not had any issues with the dark I made using prism). Depending on how you are making your dark it’s probably fairly easy to create a new one? I was thinking about re-shooting my dark library myself as I’m just getting back into imaging after taking more than 6 months away from it (family issues). But the clear nights have really been calling out to me!

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what Scott said