Connecting Canon T7i and Prism 10


Used Prism for the first time several nights ago with mixed results. All my equipment connected fine, mount slews accurately, was able to plate solve, camera connected and was IDed as a Canon T7i. However, when it came time to be to take images, I had issues. My cameras dial was set to M but I did not change the exposure menu setting to Bulb, Prism let me know that you cannot expose greater than 30 seconds on manual, that was my “bad”, I know better. Changed the menu setting to bulb, still got the message about not being able to expose greater than 30 seconds on manual. Ok, disconnected camera, reconnect camera with camera menu in bulb mode, same message. Restarted program, ensured camera in bulb mode, reconnected camera, same message. At this point I manually depressed the shutter button to open I held for 60 seconds and released it; shutter closed, so definitely in bulb mode. Nothing I seemed to do could get the program to recognize that the camera was in bulb mode. Oh well, started imaging at 30 second just to try out things. Set number of exposures at 100, Prism stopped at 39 stating it was downloading an image, after 5 minutes waiting, I gave up and aborted the sequence (this was problematic too) restarted the image run made it to 22 this time, same thing. Now when I connect my wife’s Canon T5 everything works fine. My suspicion is that Prism 10 is not updated to the newer Canon API control. Or… I could be completely wrong, but if I am right will there be an update to correct this or will Version 11 Support Canon T7i? I do plan to move to a cooled mono camera next spring but for the near future my imaging will continue to be with my T7i DSLR (don’t want to keep borrowing wife’s T5 camera). Thanks…

I have an older 70D, I haven’t used it a whole lot with prism but I have set it up to do some all sky shots using a fisheye. I recall running into something similar but the fix on mine was to completely power off the camera and pull the power / battery adapter, switch the dial to B, then power it all back up, plug it in. Now that you brought this up I’m going to have to pull my 70D out of “mothballs” and get it hooked up again once the weather clears up.

Hi, thanks for the response. Unfortunately, there is no B setting on the dial of Canon EOS cameras, to get Bulb you must set the dial to M and select Bulb option from the cameras menu. I did that and did try many permutations of camera/computer/Prism power on/off/connect with the T7i without success. I did have success with my wife’s T5. I guess my real question is will Prism 10 be supporting the Canon T7iin the future? I do have plans to purchase a ZWO ASI1600mm late next spring or summer, however until then my imaging will be with the T7i. I am current using the trial version of Prism with my wife’s T5 and I like it a lot, but if T7i support is not going to happen then I’ll have to pass on purchasing it for long term use. Thanks again.