Can I turn off waiting to the guiding to be OK

Between Images Prism pauses and shows a Message “Waiting for the Guiding to be OK”. I don’t know what criteria it is looking for or how long it needs to be at that criteria before it starts the next image in the set. Sometimes it seems OK after a few seconds and other times I get the attached error message.error2. I live in the desert with terrible seeing so I see the error message a lot. The error messages requires my pressing Ok and the START button on the main camera to continue which of course requires my presence. Needless to say, setting up a run before going to bed is very disappointing to find an error message instead of data in the morning

I can’t seem to find any settings that pertain to the waiting period for the guiding to be good, what kind of guiding are you getting when you start it manually from the guidecam? Are you using pulseguide or ST4?

The error message is a image readout error, I used to get these when I had a bad USB cable, when I replaced the cable these quit happening to me.

I am using pulseguide. I do also get readout error messages, usually after getting the waiting error message. I don’t experience the problem when I use Phd2 for guiding with Prism. The USB Cable is a possible cause as I have a USB hub on the scope with all the equipment (3 cameras, focuser, switch controls, eta.) connected to the Hub. The mount has a separate USB and power cable.

I may have found a solution. The camera control window has a “delay” box set at “1”. I changed that to “0” and did not experience the error, However since the problem is intermittent it’s too early to claim victory. With the delay set to zero a red “x” appears next to the loop window when I press Start.