Automation Issues

Question about automatic observations and dithering.

1.Ive never really had any successful attemps at a full automatic night of imaging due to failure. Most likely from bad settings on my part but is it just me or does it seem strange that it trys to plate solve before trying to focus? How is it supposed to plate solve with out of focus stars. It fails after this point and ends the session. Any ideas?

2.Also is there a way to dither with just setting up a sequence? I see an option in sequence that tell you not to dither if guiding. Also another weird behavior is when I just loop the exposure on the camera control window while guiding it looks like it trys to dither between exposures because I see a massive dip on the guiding window between shots then it takes a good 5 seconds to get the star back to where it was.



let me try to answer your questions:

  1. focus happens first and before anything to make sure you can plate solve, this is under “Observation startup”

  2. it will not dither unless you specify it under “sequence”, maybe something else is happening.

  1. Thank you, I knew I was missing something.

  2. I’ll try and get a screenshot next time. In sequence it says not to dither if guiding so I don’t check that box.

Thanks Hamza

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Issue number 3 which is extremely frustrating, I finally got dithering working as long as I bypass all the focusing routines and all the platesolves the automation trys to do. Now my next biggest problem is now when it dithers its sometimes moves farther then the max pixel value the guider is setup for which is currently 12 pixels, which suspends guiding as it continues to take pictures.

Now the only setting I can see to set the max pixel movement is in the guiding tab of the guide camera and i set it for 100 pixels. Yet when i run automatic observations it defaults back to 12 pixels. Ive tried everything to no avail.

V11 is around the corner and it is a great time to pass me information and suggestions

Does anyone have a description of the script function Find_AllSky_Position? I found it in Thizy’s script that automates spectroscopy. It sounds like a plate solve function and I’d be interested in some description.

that us just the allsky plate solve in PRISM.

Yes Hamza, it seems you’re right. Thanks.