Automating SPOX device for spectroscopy

Another device used in the capture of spectra is the Shelyak SPOX. It controls switching on/off calibration module lamps mounted on the side of the spectroscope, for reference spectra and for internal flat frames.

Shelyak has an app and ASCOM driver to control the device via USB. under the software tab.

Ideally, the device would be available for script control in Prism, too.

Spox is scriptable for both flats and calibration. I will download my script when I get back to my computer.

such a device will have to be added to the controllable device, @Cavadore has done a great with job with other devices such as OPTEC Perseus
I will add this request.

Thanks Al, I’ll be eager to see it.

Thanks Hamra, Al may have enough but I’d like to see anything that describes the function.

I just sent the file to Hazma for posting. It was sent as a .txt file. Change the extension to .pgm to run as a script. If you only take Neon before the target you can disregard the Neon After. The only difference is the files are number 4-6 in the after.
You can also run the Spox without a script by settling up the switch in hardware setup. Select Native switches (Several systms +Ascom). Under setup select ASCOM SWitches and then “add interface” then “Select system type” and COM port under properties When you hit OK you will see two ports listed where you can ID each switch 1 for calibration and 2 for flat.

Hi Al,
Thanks, that sounds like what I was looking for!

here you go : SPOX