Alt AZ pointing model

I just purchased a Planewave L350 mount and CDK14 and will be running in Alt-Az mode with a field de-rotator. Unfortunately I just noticed that the pointing model for Alt-Az configuration is grayed out. Is this a feature that is going to be developed / enabled soon. I should have the system up and running this spring and would prefer to continue using PRISM to run this setup.
Thank you
John Schloemp

it is a feature of the upcoming V11. On another note, PRISM can, in fact, correct for pointing errors in your telescope, all you have to do is create an allsky model and inject under the mount configuration in PRISM.
However, speed correction through mount modeling is always a function of the driver, in your instance, the Planewave driver. I hope this makes sense.
Congrats on the new purchase, we need pictures of your setup once installed :grin:

Thanks Hamza! Once I get everything set up, I may need some guidance. I’ve been using PRISM for a little over a year and although proficient with a lot of procedures, this is a little above me at this point :slight_smile:

Absolutely, I will be here to help. This is going to be a great light bucket.