32 bit and 64 bit drivers

I have just downloaded PRISM v10 and am trying to get everything configured on my Windows 10 64 bit box. I am coming back after a long hiatus, so my last imaging run was about 8 years ago on a 32 bit platform.

Can anyone recommend how to get an FLI driver recognized with PRISM on a 64 bit windows box? I cannot get the 32 bit driver to install, and PRISM doesn’t see the 64 not driver.

I’m sure there is some simple step that I am unaware of.



Did you tried to setup it first in the hardware setting?

Yes, the trouble is the following:

FLI offers two versions of their camera drivers: a 32 bit version and a 64 bit version.

The 32 bit version cannot be installed on Windows 10 64 bit, unless I am missing some special step or method of getting around the restriction against the 32 bit driver installer.

The 64 bit version of the FLI driver installs correctly and recognizes the camera, as it shows up correctly labeled and error-free in the Devices panel of the system. However the 64 bit camera driver is not recognized by the 32 bit version of PRISM and the 64 bit version of PRISM has no acquisition functions.

To directly answer your question, none of the options for installing drivers work to get a camera option to show up in the hardware/camera panel of PRISM. After installing the 64 bit FLI driver (the only option that works), the FLI camera selection in PRISM remains empty and it does not recognize the camera that is attached.

So I believe I need either:

(1) a fully functional 64 bit PRISM with all hardware functions enabled, or
(2) a method of getting a 32 bit camera driver functioning under Windows 10 64 bit

Are there any users of Windows 10 (64 bit) that have a functioning image acquisition setup? Especially with FLI cameras.

Hmm…ok. I personally have all equipments connected to a Win 32bit license with Prism 32bit on a dedicated PC for telescope&CCDs for backward compatibility with also legacy devices, drivers, while for images post processing I use 64 bit on different server. Let’s see what Hamza says on this.

welcome back
The 64bit version of PRISM is designed for the sole purpose of processing using the most RAM you PC can offer, it is not intended for imaging or even connecting to your hardware
There are some FLI drivers built into PRISM and these cameras are among the most supported in PRISM

yes, there are hundreds of FLI cameras (between amateurs and prors) that use PRISM to capture images and perform analysis.

Hamza, are you suggesting I might be able to use my FLI camera as a generic USB device without installing the FLI drivers? I will certainly try that.